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Ballot paper 'grass skirts' now available

By Kelly Larwood
23 July 2018

Shaw's Election Supplies always welcome suggestions for additional products to enhance our clients' administration of elections. This year following a number of requests for methods of counting votes for multi-vacancy elections, we have introduced into our specialist range of materials for elections Ballot Paper 'Grass Skirt' sheets

Ballot paper 'grass skirt' sheets are specifically for use at the count for elections where there is the option to vote for more than one candidate, up to 19 candidates.

Ballot papers can be attached to the self-adhesive tape at the top of the sheet for an effective means of counting and verifying the number of votes for each candidate.

Full details and an image preview can be found here.

'Grass skirt' sheets can be ordered via our web shop or by emailing with your purchase order number and quantities required.